Welcome to International airport Zhukovsky!

Actual information on flight you can find on website in section "Online desk".

Flights status information on Departures from the International airport Ramenskoye (Zhukovsky) is available on the information monitors located in the general check-in area of the passenger terminal.

Status information on Arrivals flights is available on the information monitors installed in the arrival lounge of the international and domestic routes of the passenger terminal.

Information on airport services can be found on our website as well as at the airport at the information desk located in a check-in area of the passenger terminal.

Dear passengers! We kindly ask you to arrive at the airport in advance, because of inspection actions on entering to the passenger terminal. Please, consider eventual delays which can arise on entering into the terminal, during the check-in procedures or at passing of customs, passport control and preflight inspection.

The baggage from arriving flights is delivered to the baggage carousel. Information monitors located over baggage carousels, display the information on the number of flight and the time of baggage delivery. Oversized baggage claim is made separately