For the media

Dear colleagues, in the press-service of the international airport Zhukovsky you can always obtain the required information, learn an order of a photo- and a video shooting in territory of the airport, etc.

Applications to the press-service are submitted on the official letterhead with specifying:

  • Subject of an application (key point, information concerning publication of a material);
  • List of questions;
  • Contact information of editorial office.

Time for consideration - 1-3 days; providing of commentaries in written form - 5 days.

Requests for organization of the photo- and video shooting are submitted on the official letterhead with specifying:

  • Purpose and subject (list of questions in case of an interview format), date, duration and venue of a photo- and video shooting;
  • Membership of a shooting team as well as passport data of all members, license plate and make of vehicle;
  • Information on the equipment which is planned to use during shooting;
  • Contact information of responsible person.

Time for consideration - 1-3 days.

Aviation security service of the International airport Zhukovsky reserves the right to deny shooting without giving any reason.

Please send your requests and offers to