Transport accessibility of Zhukovsky International airport will improve significantly 07.09.2018

Transport accessibility of Zhukovsky International airport will improve significantly

The land transport infrastructure of Zhukovsky International Airport (Russia, Moscow Region) will be seriously improved. The first significant changes will be visible in 2019 - after the completion of reconstruction of  st. Narkomvod (access road to the airport).  In the course of the forthcoming works, the road will be expanded from 2 to 4 lanes. The project includes the creation of sidewalks, public transport stops and a street lighting system. The upgraded infrastructure will provide the capacity of up to 40,000 vehicles per day, significantly improving the transport availability of the airport.

The project is carried out in accordance with the state program of the Moscow region "Development and functioning of the road transport complex for 2017-2021 years." Earlier, as part of the preparation of the project, the design of the territory was changed and the report on the forthcoming seizure of land plots falling into the reconstruction zone was published. The acquisition of land will begin before the end of 2018.

"In the existing form, the road doesn’t meet modern requirements and slows down the development of the airport. The need for reconstruction was obvious. Expansion of the Narkomvod street is an important part of complex improving the airport's transport accessibility. Active work in this direction began with the opening of a new road junction not far from the airport. The next step – Narkomvod" – commented on the reconstruction plans Evgeny Solodilin, Deputy General Director of "RAMPORT AERO".

Completion of works should coincide with the active phase of a more global project – the reconstruction of the federal highway M5 "Ural". Financing of the project has already begun, the construction will be carried out in 2019-2021. The opening of a new section of federal road will ensure a detour of densely populated areas and free traffic along the entire route from Moscow to the airport. Implementation of the project for the development of transport infrastructure in the future will allow Zhukovsky to serve more than 10 million passengers per year.

In parallel with the development of road infrastructure, the airport is taking organizational steps to improve the work of public transport. In accordance with requests of passengers, the bus route 441 "Kotelniki metro station - Zhukovskiy International Airport" is transferred to a regular traffic schedule. From July 23, buses follow with a constant interval: on weekdays - every 15 minutes, on weekends - every 30 minutes. A significant increase in the number of buses on the route has already received a positive evaluation of passengers, many of whom noted that the airport's connection with Moscow has improved, and it was much easier to plan a trip to the airport.

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